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Meat and Poultry Processing Engineering Solutions

Depend on MAVERICK Technologies for integrated meat and poultry process control and Enterprise Integration solutions that help you maximize profits. MAVERICK’s meat and poultry process automation consultants provide a broad range of engineered solutions as part of our food and beverage offering.

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MAVERICK can help:

  • Ensure product safety and quality for compliance with USDA regulations and customer requirements
  • Control, monitor and record data at critical control points for HACCP compliance
  • Utilize traceability systems for comprehensive product tracking
  • Integrate systems to improve the efficiency of your process through dissemination of data
  • Implement industry best practices to help manage the cost of feed and other inputs
  • Visualize plant information and metrics on dashboards to enable better business decisions
  • Effectively plan and schedule in order to manage workloads, throughput and time to market
  • Increase automation to reduce labor costs and improve efficiency

Improve your product quality, production efficiency and overall profitability with MAVERICK’s solutions for meat and poultry processing. You’ll achieve your objectives on time and within budget.

The MAVERICK Approach

Through our platform independence and deep understanding of the meat and poultry industry, we’re able to design and implement solutions that meet your needs, without bias for any particular technology. With MAVERICK as your partner, you’ll have the insight and tools needed to optimize your operations, ensure consistency across facilities and become more competitive. Leverage our Industrial Automation services, Sustaining Services, Enterprise Integration services and Strategic Manufacturing Solutions to help you produce the products that form the foundation of your business.

Case Studies

See how MAVERICK works with customers to overcome unique challenges in the industry.
Meat and Poultry Company Eliminates Paper Lot Tracking System
Major Meat and Poultry Company uses Mobility Solution